We are three Vancouver-based Flamenco dancers with a shared philosophy and approach to teaching and performance that includes bringing energy, passion and authenticity to our classroom and the stage. We have over 40 years of combined teaching experience and performance. We are excited to share our love for flamenco dance with you!

Afifa Eidher

Growing up surrounded by the rythm of her native Morocco gave Afifa and early appreciation for music and dance. Afifa’s formal dance background includes tap, ballet and intensive flamenco training. Afifa has been a flamenco instructor since the year 2003, teaching regularly for Centro Flamenco and has been a guest teacher with various organizations including Ballet Russe of British Columbia. Afifa has been a soloist in the Flamenco Rosario Cuadro Flamenco series since 2002 and has been a featured soloist in the 2005 and 2007 Vancouver International Flamenco Festivals. Other Flamenco Rosario performances include Los Cuatro Vientos, Ayer y Hoy, Flamenco y Las Americas, Guadalquivir and Mis Hermanas. In 2010 Afifa was again a cast member in the international tour to Mexico for the Mis Hermanas production. She has trained extensively locally with Rosario Ancer and spent an extensive amount of time training in Spain with flamenco greats including Alicia Marquez, Adela Campallo, Belen Maya, Mercedes Ruiz, Andres Pena, Isabel Bayon, Ana Maria Lopez, Manuela Carpio, Rafaela Carrasca, La Moneta, Joaquin Grilo, Leonor Leal, La Lupi and many more.


Afifa has been a local favourite around Vancouver since 2002 performing regularly at The Kino Cafe, East is East, Las Margaritas, Corduroys, The Libra Room, Cafe Deux Soleils and has performed repeatedly for  the In The House Festival and the Pemberton Folk Festival. Afifa is very excited to continue sharing her love and knowledge of flamenco with her current and future students.

Melanie Meyers

Born in Vancouver, Melanie lived in Spain for part of her life where she developed a strong interest in Flamenco.  Melanie built her foundation in dance with ballet, jazz and Spanish dance at a young age.  She began to focus more and more on Flamenco in 1989 when she started formal training with Rosario Ancer at Centro Flamenco, and began teaching there in 1998. In 2000, Melanie moved abroad where she continued to perform and to teach in Montreal from 2000-2004 and to study flamenco further while living in London (UK) and New York.  Melanie has trained in Madrid, Seville and Jerez, as well outside of Spain with world renowned flamenco artists such as Rafaela Carrasco, Soledad Barrio, Joaquin Grilo and La Moneta.


After moving back to Vancouver in 2008, Melanie returned to teach at Centro Flamenco and to perform regularly at local Flamenco venues including Chai Lounge and Kino Cafe. As a company member of Flamenco Rosario, Melanie was cast and choreographed for the role of Rebecca in Flamenco Rosario’s Western Canada tour of the award winning production Mis Hermanas in 2013. Among many Flamenco Rosario productions including the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival, Melanie has also performed in La Monarca and was a soloist/choreographer in the 2015 production of Fast-forward Replay as well as in Flamenqueando in 2016. Melanie has appeared in Vancouver Opera productions of Carmen (1996) and Romeo and Juliet (1998) and recently has choreographed and performed with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (2013 and 2017).


Melanie is grateful to be collaborating in choreography, performance and teaching with Vancouver Flamenco Collective’s Afifa Eidher and Veronica Stewart.
Photo credit: Tim Matheson

Veronica Stewart

Veronica fell in love with dance at the age of seven. Dance has always been a huge part of her life and today she is immersed in the art of Flamenco. Veronica has trained extensively in tap, ballet, jazz, modern, and flamenco. She holds a degree in Theatre from the University of British Columbia and a Teacher’s degree from SFU for Dance and Dramatic Arts. She has toured provincially and nationally, and has performed for celebrities and royalty.


Veronica has had the opportunity to study with some of Spain’s greatest flamenco artists: Alicia Marques, Blanca del Rey, Antonio El Pipa, Mercedes Ruiz, Andres Pena, Pilar Ortega, Juana Amaya, Joaquin Grilo, Farruquito, La Lupi, La Moneta, as well as North American artists: La Tanya, Sabas Santos, Marisol Moreno, Oscar Niento, and Rosario Ancer.


As a member of Flamenco Rosario and as a soloist, Veronica appeared in Vancouver’s International Flamenco Festivals (VFF) between 2004 and 2017. In spring 2015, she appeared in the International Dance Day short film directed by film maker Jason Karman. Veronica has also been a soloist for Flamenco Rosario’s Cuadro Series. She performed at the Carnival del Sol 2016, 2015 and Latin Festival 2014. She also performed in the Jondo Flamenco Festival 2012 and was part of Crimson Coast Dance Society’s Body Talk Project and the InFrinGinG Dance Festival 2013.


Milestones for Veronica include VFF with Karen Lugo, dancing and choreographing El Proyecto Azteca, VFF Festival with Isabel Bayon, performing with prima ballerina Evelyn Hart, in Pacific Dance Arts’ “Art in Motion”, and returning from Jerez, Spain, where she studied in the Flamenco Festivals de Jerez 2010, 2007 & 2005. In spring 2016, she had the opportunity to study in New York at the Nueva York Flamenco Festival.


Veronica is a co-founder and instructor for Vancouver Flamenco Collective, teaches at Anna Wyman School of Dance Arts, taught for Arts Umbrella, and Centro Flamenco. You can see Veronica perform regularly at local venue Kino Cafe where she has been featured for several years.